Tabletop Poms is situated in Brockton, MA - sometimes referred to as the "City Of Champions" because of it's long history of successful  sports programs. We acquired our first Pom quite by chance when a friend who worked in a pet shop asked me to walk a little Pom named "Rusty". Just one short walk and an instant bond was formed.

Be careful what you wish for . . . After stating to my friend that I thought he was adorable and "I wished I could bring him home",  she told me he was abandoned and in need of a good home! Enter Pom # 1

The "show bug" didn't bite until years later when I was fortunate enough to acquire our first show prospect (Ursa Minor's Touch of Class) from our good friend and mentor Barbara Krzewicki of Ursa Minor Poms.  "Touch" became a champion by 11 months and Tabletop was on it's way!!

At Tabletop we take our breeding program seriously. We are very proud of our accomplishments - "Quality not Quantity" - we are a small kennel where every breeding is carefully planned. Our goals have always been to produce healthy, typey Poms who not only excel in the show ring but any activity you choose to pursue - they make great "bed-warmers" too !

We are proud members of the American Pomeranian Club and the Bay Colony Pomeranian Club.

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